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In honor of National Dog Day, here are three pups you should go follow on Instagram now including a rockstar beezy, a music video cutie, and a real stud muffin.

1. @marniethedog

This is one inspiring beezy. Marnie the dog was rescued from a shelter as a grandmother. Now, the dog has 2.1 million+ fans on Instagram. If that isn’t a story of “started from the bottom” I don’t know what is.

Nothing but respect for my president haha meme

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2. @JiffPom

This dog is a story of a music video cutie who stole the show. This pup gained their fame after starring in Katy Perry’s video for “Dark Horse. Now the dog has a verified Instagram account with 6,4 million+ followers. To boot, she has moves – she can skate board and do the dab!

Bonus: If you love this pup as much as we do. You can download the dog’s sticker for free in the app store. You’re welcome!

teaching @caeliyt how we dance in America but she is still doing salsa!! Lol I love her though ??

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3. @MensWearDog

The last two dogs on our list were real Beyonces of Instagram. This dog is inspiring the suave men on social media. He has a real knack for men’s fashion as you will see. There’s a photo on his account hanging out at Nylon Magazine like he owns the place even. This dashing devil wears Prada for sure.

Thirsty for the weekend ???? #getturnt

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