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Bud Light went from trashy to classy in this bold move.

Photo via Adweek
The beer brand showed up draping high-fashion models in their signature electrifying blue during London Fashion Week.

Not going to lie, these clothes looked comfy AF.

The “limited-edition line, which isn’t yet available to the public, is a teaser for an upcoming ad campaign in the U.K.” says Adweek.

So what’s the deal with this XXL, monochromatic look, with “Bud Light”, pasted all over?

These models have swagger with the getup but why did Bud Light pull this stunt?

Andre Finamore, the brand’s marketing manager, said in a statement. “Each item has been crafted to help people ‘Keep It Light’ in the face of the aspirational, modern-day pressures we all face.”

We give Finamore props. Brands need to stand out to compete and Bud Light stole the show this time.

All beer is at sporting events and dive bars, Bud Light took the scene at fashion week – making it the “classiest of them all!” Furthermore, the message fits the leisurely look, “Keep It Light.”

Way to go. Rock it, Bud! You have our approval!

Photo via Adweek Photo via Adweek

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