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Image source: The Joker

Just watched the Joker and took away some lessons in brand strategy.

We are not joking here. After watching this movie, we couldn’t help but think — how exactly did this guy start a movement of loyal fans, rise to power and attract all the media’s attention. Sure, he ended up in a psych ward but what if we can take the same lessons and apply it to our own “good” brands. Maybe we can help make some positive change in the world? 

Entertain the idea for a second… 

#1 Have a Unique Sense of Individuality

The Joker was not only a clown but a criminal — an odd mix but it made him unique. What about your brand is oddly unique? Take that angle and run full speed ahead. 

The world has a wild fascination with anything novel. Feed the world with your oddness and they will come grinning from ear to ear.

Think about it – how do you think fidget spinners, slime and couch surfing with Airbnb became so hot?

#2 Leverage Publicity To Make Your Name Known

The Joker took a name on that a famous TV host dubbed him. He took what was already being amplified by the media and made it his own. 

This is a technique that the smartest marketers and business people do. Take Kylie’s lips for example. Kylie was smart to capitalize on the media attention for her lips and created her world-famous Lip Kit. Negative or positive, use media attention to your advantage.

#3 Be a Leader and Take a Strong Stance

The Joker had a strong opinion and stood strong. This is how he started a movement and had a large group of supporters. 

Why is this? I have a theory. Many people are afraid to speak up for themselves if their view opposes political norms.

The ones who are daring enough to speak up are the ones who become the leaders. They stand in the face of fear for the ones who are too scared to make a peep. 

So take a stand for something you believe in that no one else is speaking up about. There are so many people in this world. You WILL  find your loyal niche of followers this way.

Of course, unlike the Joker, be sure what you stand for is for the greater good. 

We need more good people doing positive things on this earth! 🙂