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Create Viral Trending Content at ComplexCon

TikTok Views in One Day

Influencers and Celebrities Featured in our Content

TikTok engagements in one day


What We did:
Our TikTok video covering ComplexCon was trending on TikTok’s homepage for the #CheckTheDrip hashtag! Our video received over 200K views in a day!


We created a TikTok video featuring world famous artists like Lil Pump in trending hashtags such as Elf Cosmetics #EyesLipsFace.


We also landed interviews with individuals like fashion icon Kristen Crawley and A-Trak.

                                   Social Advertising Creative Portfolio

Screenshot of trending video we produced that was featured on TikTok’s home page.

Interview with world-famous DJ, A-Trak

Lil Pump Featured in trending #EyesLipsFace Challenge

Video trending on TikTok’s home page for the hashtag, #checkthedrip

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