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The Challenge: 

To launch a beach-front kickboxing pop up with local gyms as the competition.


What We Did:

Creative Direction: We enforced the unique beautiful atmosphere of this beachfront gym in all messaging and creative so it would stand apart from local gyms.

Brand Partnerships: We landed a strategic brand partnership with a local boxing glove brand to further position the brand.

Content Creation: We created memes, produced videos and interactive content to connect with the audience and build the vision of the “beach gym”  lifestyle. 

Results:  700 followers on Instagram in a month, a full class schedule of private classes and group classes. 

                                   Social Advertising Creative Portfolio

Social Paid Ad

Interactive Instagram Story Content

Brand partnership content 

Meme Content

Social Paid Ad

Social Paid Ad 

Video Content


Achieved over one months time


Follower Increase


New Students Gained



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